Actions Hackathon Rules

Contest Announcement

Actions Hackathon Contest

Sponsored by Dev Community Inc.("Sponsor")


We urge you to carefully read the terms and conditions of this Contest Announcement Page and the DEV Community Inc. General Contest Official Rules located here ("Official Rules"), incorporated herein by reference. The following contest specific details on this Contest Announcement Page, together with the Official Rules , govern your participation in the named contest defined below (the "Contest").

Sponsor does not claim ownership rights in your Entry. The Official Rules describe the rights you give to Sponsor by submitting an Entry to participate in the named Contest. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Contest Announcement Page and the Official Rules, the Official Rules will govern and control.

Contest Name: Actions Hackathon Contest

Entry Period: The Contest begins on August 13, 2020 at 8:00 AM PT and ends on September 17, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT (the "Entry Period")

How to Enter: All entries must be submitted no later than the end of the Entry Period. You may enter the Contest during the Entry Period as follows:

  1. Visit the Contest webpage part of the DEV Community Site located here (the "Contest Page"); and
  2. Follow any instructions on the Contest Page and submit your completed entry (each an "Entry").

There is no limit on the number of Entries you may submit during the Entry Period, but an Entrant (whether an individual, team or entity) may only win once in a particular Contest.

Required Elements for Entries: Without limiting any terms of the Official Rules, each Entry must include, at a minimum, the following elements:

  1. A published submission post on DEV in the #actionshackathon tag (we encourage you to use this template)

  2. The post must include reference to the workflow (.yml) and/or the code repository

  3. If submitting a code repository, the project must include a README and an open source license

Judging Criteria: All qualified entries will be judged by a panel as selected by Sponsor as set forth in the Official Rules.

Judges will award one (1) Grand Prize winners in each of the following categories:

  • Maintainer Must-Haves : make the lives of open source maintainers easier.
  • DIY Deployments : improve the deployment process for open source projects.
  • Interesting IoT : celebrating projects that integrate with IoT in some way
  • Phone Friendly : workflows built for Mobile (PWA readiness, iOS/Android)
  • Wacky Wildcards : anything that doesn't fit in an above category (note, truly wacky submissions are encouraged)

Judges will also select a total of ten (10) Runner Up Prize winners without respect to any particular category.

In the event of a tie in scoring between judges, the judges will select the entry that received the highest number of positive reactions on their DEV post to determine the winner.


The prizes to be awarded from the Contest are as follows:

Five (5) Grand Prize winners will receive:

  • $1,500 USD gift card or equivalent
  • $300 USD credit to the DEV Shop
  • GitHub Swag Pack
  • DEV Sticker Pack
  • DEV "Actions Hackathon" grand prize winner badge
  • (approximate retail value ("ARV") $1,812 USD

Ten (10) Runner-Up winners will receive:

  • $250 USD gift card or equivalent
  • $150 USD credit to the DEV Shop
  • GitHub Swag Pack
  • DEV Sticker Pack
  • DEV "Actions Hackathon" runner-up badge
  • (approximate retail value ("ARV") $412 USD

Participant winners (who submit a valid and qualified entry) will receive:

  • DEV Sticker Pack
  • DEV "Actions Hackathon" participant badge
  • (approximate retail value ("ARV") $12 USD