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Pavel Ševčík
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Is it time to ditch Flow in favor of Typescript?

Recently, I have been witnessing a lot of projects migrating to Typescript and have to ask myself the same question. Is it time to stop using Flow and start using Typescript?

I've seen a lot of backlash from developers that were using Flow to typecheck their Javascript applications. One was even from a former Flow developer:

Then came another one from a friend of mine who's been using Flow for a long time:

And then I read a comment from Apollo (GraphQL client) claiming they won't support Flow anymore and are moving to Typescript.

Sure, Flow has a lot of issues and since it's still unstable, it's very annoying to update your app to use the latest version. But I liked the idea to just have static types added to Javascript instead of having to use another language like Typescript.

That said, Typescript definitely has it's benefits like abstract/protected/private classes, methods and properties and there is a great community providing type definitions for almost every library.

So yeah, I am thinking of rewriting my current project to use Typescript.

Is there any hope left for Flow? Does it still have some benefits for which you would not migrate to Typescript?

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Malte Boeing

I am switching from flow to typescript because I have a new employer and that's what they use.
I think flow is better with eslint.
I was using react with eslint and I extended it with the airbnb eslint lib.
The airbnb plugin was really good, warning me about things like unused states, stateless components etc.
I haven't been able to match all the features with tslint yet, but overall I find tslint a lot less problematic

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Pavel Ševčík Author

TSLint will actually be deprecated in favor of ESLint and its Typescript plugin. (source:

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Pavel Ševčík Author

Nice language, I might give it a try someday, but it's too different. All I need is Javascript with static types.