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Full Stack Developer | Career Path, Salary, Jobs

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Today we are going to talk about full stack developer and this is the part within my series of highest paying jobs in software so I went and searched for full stack developer on LinkedIn and I saw that there are 5000 requirements for a full stack developer compare that to software developer and there were 60000 requirement for a software developer.

How to become a full stack web developer?

now if you see this requirement is for fractional to associate-level know why is there only 5,000 requirement in full stack development where is there isa huge requirement in software development.

we are going to look at that but I went ahead and checked the salaries of a full stack developer and that is totally different from a software developer to tell you exactly what is the difference between the salary of a full stack developer versus a software developer and that difference in the salary should excite you or make you curious why you should make a career in full stack development so in this article today we are going to look at everything related to full stack development.

Career Path, Salary, Jobs and Comparison with Software Engineer.

we are going to see what is the meaning of full stack development we are going to look at the advantages of becoming a full stack developer.

we are going to check two example I am going to take two examples of a full stack developer what does a full stack developer know and then finally I am going to discuss the difference in salaries between a full stack developer and a software developer so if you are interested to become a full stack developer if you are interested in getting the highest paying jobs in software then watch this article till the end becauseI can guarantee to you that showing it properly on your resume will suddenly change your salary by 2 times to 4 times even though full stack developer has become very common term today there was a time when I started software development we got our first software project and we were just two engineer so when we got the software project.

we were writing code for the frontend so we wrote whatever code was required for the user interface of the software and then we wrote the backend code which was the business process or the code which was connecting the front in application with the database and we also designed the database what we were doing back then what actually full stack development today the industries using this term as full stack development but in 1997 if you are visual basic programmer or if you are a programmer inJava then you were already doing full stack development but at that point of time we hired one software engineer because our company was growing he was a fresher and we showed him everything we showed him how to do front end development we showed him how to do back and development we shouldn't have to work with database after 1 year this Engineer left our company joined a big software development company.

how to design a database within mongo DB and how to connect this database using your node JS Express JS with the frontend that your design with react that is what will make you a full stack web developer with react similarly if you are a full stack web developer with Django Django is a Framework which has been written using a python programming language again Django is a set of library which has both front and cold as well as backend code Idea behind Django is that it is very quick to deliver a software using the Django framework and when you work with Django Framework usingDjango within the for front end Technologies for using the Django Framework for the server-side coding as well as on the database side Idea using my SQL using SQL light or mongo DB whateverDjango can work with these are the two different examples of a full stack developer using either react or Django there are many different software stack and I will list some of the software stack in the description of this article.

so that you can know what are the different software stack under which you can become a full stack web developer know what are the advantages of becoming a full stack web developer why are a lot of new companies and some of the best software companies and product companies focusing on the title of full stack developer for full stack web developer the first advantages of both client side programming and server side programming which means that you just need one software engineer to handle both sides of coding which makes it easy for software development project advantage is that these programmer in create a prototype rapidly which is a need for most of the software product companies and even services company third is if you are a full stack developer then you can also help other team members who are not full stack developer if there is somebody who is working on the front inside their stuck with some code they are facing a bug because you are a full stack developer.

you can easily pinpoint the bug and explain it to the frontend developer or the backend developer as required 4th and the biggest advantage is that a full stack developer reduces the cost of the project amount of interaction required for a big project or a complex project is very high so for companies this is a very important thing which reduces the cost of the project that is the reason they are giving higher salary and similar to the forth point V. Is that it reduces time every explain that is the reason the cost comes down where there is more communication it's like too many cooks spoil the broth it is same in software development is there are too many different people working on the same project then it becomes difficult to communicate and deliver any application on time.

so the backend coding learn how to design and develop a database so that you become a full stack developer and I can guarantee to you that as soon as you become a full stack developer whether it takes one month two month 10 months of one year salary will immediately double or even quadruple within a very short time and if you want to find out what are the other fields of software in which you can get highest paying jobs then watch this article here because in this article I explain all the different fields of software in which you can get highest paying jobs thank you very much stay focused stay rich.


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