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Why are Vue.Js Framework & Developer Demand Increased?

Let’s assume you’re visiting a decent restaurant. After you reach there, you’ll see different shorts of people like waiters, receptionists, chefs, etc. Each of them is doing what they are instructed for. Like Waiter is serving the food, Receptionists are giving the bills and greetings, and so on. Similarly, within the IT world, they’re known as the framework. The framework is nothing but a predefined classic that can be used as inputs for getting some output reciprocally.

There are many frameworks available to do a specific job. Some of the members are famous, like react, amber, angular. Some are new and fastest-growing, i.e. Vue. We all know enough about famous ones, right? So, let’s talk about growing one. “Vue”

Vue.js is a progressive framework for JavaScript used to build interfaces and one-page web applications. Another great use of Vue is used for both desktop and mobile app development with an electron framework.

Okay, we get that It’s a growing framework, the question is why it’s demands increase drastically? It is new in the market as It is inaugurated by Evan You merely 6 years ago. And there are many developers who are admiring this kind of framework already!! Well, we’ve got here listed some reasons why demand is increased and benefits of VueJs framework? And also, in the end, we noted down some statistics regarding Its job so one can decide whether it should be learned or not?

1. Simple adaptability

Among hundreds of reasons to grasp about Vue is the framework is how much It’s easy to use. Vue hit the road when it involves this point because It is not only easy when we use to develop a single page application but also once you want to learn it. It’s simplicity, library (which doesn’t require deep knowledge), typescript all these reasonably functions helps us to learn easily. A friend (Developer himself) of mine quoted for Vue as ‘you feel walking when you use other frameworks but with Vue, you’re running at super speed.’

2. Small Size

It is a tiny low point but you cannot neglect it, after all, size matters when it comes to developing an application, you may have to include many different kinds of stuff to include except some bizarre words with a semicolon. But Vue isn’t the same as other frameworks. It contains only 18 – 21 KB. It means you can start in nearly no time and also download it in an exceedingly fraction of a second.

3. Flexibility

Actually, this point also includes one more thing, “Integration capabilities”. It is important to understand how many points these frameworks easily integrate with other existing applications. Vue is as easy as pie. because It relies only on JavaScript and doesn’t require to work through. So, it empowers developers to use a wide range of tools that result in rendering the method of starting a native app/website.

Not limited to it, it also allows you to use a template you wish to use: HTML, JS, or JSX. So, a good range of tools and different kinds of usable templates is used with nearly any kind of project.

4. Concise Documentation

We should give a souvenir to Vue for this specific feature among frameworks when It comes to documentations. And It deserves this kind of credit because It includes almost every topic and describes it precisely from installation to scaling the app. Don’t be surprised to search out a comparison function where you’ll easily compare Vue with other JavaScript frameworks.

5. Communal Support

You might don’t know but the idea of Vue comes from the community which still remains standing. If you have got any queries regarding Vue and you put it on the chat forum. It is pretty much be solved by one of the members within a short span of time.

Of course, It has some bad sides like Language barrier, limited resources, lack of experienced developers, etc. But It has more pros and few numbers of cons that may be ignored by any developers, and with time these kinds of issues would be resolved.

Now, as we mentioned before here is a little bit of a glance on Job demands of Vue Developers, we believe with the increased demands of Vue framework usage, the demands of their developers are definitely increased. And that we have statistics to prove our belief.

You can see how job demands increased developers on even the most famous job portals LinkedIn. These numbers on the diagrams are for 2019. For 2020 it is a way more and better as in a step with the survey It rises almost 23% within the first half-year period of 2020. This simply implies that employers want to hire Vue developers across the globe. As far as the second diagram is concerned, It is only the showcase of market share that Vue is having currently according to GitHub.

To conclude, Vue is quite simple to learn and develop the one-page web application that includes a small size with great support from its community. There are some other vital features like easy development and documentation that will make it really easy as an excellent choice for any kind of project. As we understand this technology, these are the main reasons why more and more developers upvotes for the Vue. We already have Vue developers in our firm that can develop any web application that you want so if you are looking for the same just click here.

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