PHP 7.2: The First Programming Language to Add Modern Cryptography to its Standard Library

Scott Arciszewski on February 12, 2017

Last week, the voting phase closed on an RFC to add libsodium to PHP 7.2. The result was unanimous (37 in favor, 0 against... [Read Full]
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  1. 8th isn't really a well-known language. It's not even in the less than 0.1% section of the server-side or client-side lists.
  2. According to your manual, you're still offering RSA for public-key encryption. (It doesn't specify which mode you're using but hopefully it isn't PKCS1v1.5.) This disqualifies 8th for being modern crypto. You want ECDH over a twist-secure Montgomery curve, preferably Curve25519 or Curve448.
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