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Discussion on: Where is the best place to put your project documentation?

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Paramanantham Harrison • Edited on
  • Readme for setup and running instructions
  • Github pages for style guides and best practices documents
  • Wiki for trouble shooting guide (usually not used by me often personally)
  • Docasuarus for all implementation details and guides for development team

Its always good to put in one place, we use dacasuarus at Jobbatical for most things.

  • docasuarus (open source by facebook) and readme are the go to place for finding documents. Rest all will be secondary and often missed out
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C.S. Rhymes Author

I hadn’t heard of docasaurus before. I’ll check it out!

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Camilo Martinez • Edited on

I think Docusaurus is open source project for Facebook, not Google.

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Paramanantham Harrison

Yes, by Facebook. Will edit my comment. Thanks

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Adam Brandizzi

Good points! It is very relevant to remember that there are different documentation types. Also, I really like that your listing maps so well to the categories from one of my favorite articles: I guess you may like it, and @chrisrhymes too! :-)