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Tag Sponsorship

Target your messaging with a tag sponsorship. This is a great way to increase your brand’s association with specific languages, frameworks, and topics. Here are the benefits you’ll receive when you sponsor a tag:

Logo + dedicated information area on the tag sidebar

Each tag features a dedicated sidebar, listing the section’s submission guidelines, rules, key information, and tag moderators. As a tag sponsor, you will receive prominent logo placement directly in that sidebar.

You’ll also receive access to a dedicated content box directly in that sidebar, where you’ll be able to offer a short blurb about your company or service. This combo provides contextual exposure, and long-lasting value as more fans of the tag engage with your company.

Placement on our tag overview page

Members of the DEV Community head to the dedicated tags page to explore new areas of the site, and to manage which tags they follow. Your company will be listed as a sponsor directly alongside the tag you support. This placement provides visibility to all members, even if they don’t directly engage within your tag.

Special flair on your organization profile page

On the organization profile page, you will receive special flair that highlights your support of each tag. This acknowledgment shows off the languages and topics that your company cares about most.

Tag sponsorship prices start at $750/mo