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Honey (aka Bee vomit), Muffin, Banana means sugar. Avoid these. 2800 cals a day sounds like too much. White rice is also not very healthy. Try whole rice or potatoes. Potatoes are "not cool" but they have the advantage that they digest slowly so you won't get hungry again after 1-2 hours. If you hate preparing potatoes, get frozen ones.

Avoid sugar and processed foods. Sugar is also in alcohol, smoothies, and many processed foods.

Banana is useful for sport, but as snack I'd recommend nuts (you eat almonds, that is good). Try other types of nuts, preferably unsalted.

Supplements are not needed if you have a balanced diet. Omega-3 is in salmon. (avoid the Norvegian industry salmon, eat wild salmon (doesn't taste as good as the industry salmon but is healthier), or find organic salmon raised in Ireland (tastes great and is healthy, but very expensive))

If you need certain foods a mental reward, try to do this only once a week.

Have your blood and blood pressure checked.

I managed to lose 30 kg this way and also got my blood values back to normal and sleep much better. (I also do sports)


Thank you for your tips. My goal isn't to loose weight at this point, but maybe it will help others 😃

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