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Discussion on: Stop Using React

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

I see the solution as quite easy.

Use *.vue file, with Parcel. It will internally use vue-template-compiler.

Do not put <template> tag inside Jekyll.

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Michael Currin

Thanks for sharing. I liked the video a lot.

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Chris Love

I it was pointed out earlier in this thread but there is a major misconception that SPAs are PWAs. A SPA can technically be a PWA, but honestly there is no justification for SPAs in the context of a well written PWA.
The service worker can eliminate the network latency, which means you can ditch the fat, out of shape, slow JavaScript that are popular fast food frameworks.

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Michael Currin • Edited on

I actually followed an approach without a template element so could have skipped the compiler.

I just added v-model etc. to plain html and setup new Vue(...) at the bottom.

Here was the work in progress before moving to SPA

I did use vue-markdown tag though which I guess needs the compilation.

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