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Discussion on: snake_case, camelCase, or dash-case?

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

Clojure / Lisp also seems to use dash-case (i.e. kebab-case).

I think Python's snake_case is an outlier, despite being slightly more readable than camelCase. So, I'll stick with camelCase. camelCase is more standard.

kebab-case is very similar in readability and parsing to snake_case, I think, but it is much less supported in programming.

However, I tend to use kebab-case in TypeScript filenames (in Python filenames, I use snake_case).

UPPER_SNAKE_NAME is also very popular for constants.

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Maximilian Burszley

I think Python's snake_case is an outlier

I mean, it works for rust-lang. I like kebab-case as well, coming from a .NET/PowerShell background.