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Discussion on: Where should I host my static website?

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited does too much for me, and always try to build on their server, so it is out.

GitHub Pages is slow to update, and has rate limits.

I don't like Surge.

So, what is left for me is Netlify, Firebase Hosting and Amazon's, but I haven't tried Amazon much. Also, Netlify has good community, so I go with Netlify.

Haven't touch Netlify CMS, though; although I have tried to manage one myself. You might eventually need a CMS.

About CMS, I think Hasura is probably good.

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Danny Steenman Author

I'm using Contentful CMS and it works pretty well cause you can integrate it in the form of webhooks to trigger deploys in Netlify for example.