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Discussion on: React vs Vue: Compare and Contrast

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited


  • Is <template> tag a great idea? What about SFC as in Vue and Svelte? It actually makes it harder for IDE and TypeScript... But it enhances a great structure. But I think foldered component as in Angular might be a better idea not to compromise the IDE, and also add .spec.ts.
  • I never think JSX is a bad idea. Just SFC / decoupling with templating language is a better idea. But JSX might be easier to lint / IDE-integrated.
  • Is two-way binding a good idea, or better immutable as in React?
  • Is Vue 3 (vs Vue 2) takes a good direction or not?
  • In the end, I only care about scalability / maintainability? Not even sure which is better (both have downsides).