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Discussion on: Are you using Docker for local development?

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I only have one monitor, but I do a ton of work in the shell, so I use yakuake. I just press F12 on my keyboard, and the terminal slides down from the top of the screen, covering 90% (can easily change it). Run my commands (e.g. git commit -m && git push), press F12 again to hide it, and go back to my browser where I can monitor my Gitlab pipeline. (Or back to VS Code, or whatever I was doing).

I also use KDE plasma with virtual desktops, so I have VS Code on Desktop 2, Chrome on Desktop 1... <ctrl+alt+left> or <ctrl+alt+right> switches to the previous/next desktop, so jumping from VS Code to Chrome is also really fast...

Never tried PyCharm properly, but VS Code is really simple to configure, with a few extensions it works great (linting my Python and JS code).

I do run the test commands manually, but if they are complex enough, I can write an alias or bash script. I usually run Jest in watch mode anyway, so I run the command once when I start working, and often just let it run for days.

Pytest also has at least one watcher, but I haven't tried it. Since my terminal is practically always running, I type the command once, then my flow is:

  • Press F12 to bring up yakuake, press the up arrow to repeat the last command (or a couple of times to re-run an earlier one), and press enter. Press F12 again to hide the terminal. Sometimes I wait for the tests to finish ahead of time, sometimes I just go do my stuff and look at the results later.