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Discussion on: Building CICD pipelines for serverless microservices using the AWS CDK

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Paul Swail Author • Edited

I found the CDK to be quite powerful. I mentioned my issues with authoring raw CloudFormation in the post and it did mitigate those issues for me.

I think the CDK would be a good fit for dev teams who don't have dedicated Ops engineers in their team. I have worked with clients with such teams (full stack JS engineers) and they often default to just using the AWS Console to provision infrastructure cos CloudFormation is a painful dev experience and they are more concerned with shipping product features. Being able to write a few lines of Node and reuse constructs between projects would make the infrastructure-as-code discipline stick for them IMO.

That said, in fully serverless architectures where infrastructure is much less complex (no VPCs, etc), the CloudFormation pains are generally much less and I will still probably just use the resources section of my serverless.yml file to define my resources.