DevOps Tools 2019

Pavan Belagatti on December 03, 2018

I am listing down some cool DevOps tools along with the categories they belong. Tell me which ones do you use. Source Code Management ... [Read Full]
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Hey thanks for mantioning such information but you can also add more must have DevOps tools and technologies in this article to make it more intresting.


I think Collaboration category is kind of messy: JIRA and Basecamp are ticketing systems, Ms Teams and Slack are chat apps and Confluence is wiki-alike. I agree they are somehow collaborative tools, but it is strange putting them in the same category... ://


Source Code Management: Git
VCS: Github and Bitbucket
CI: TravisCI
Build: NPM (NPM scripts)
Monitoring: Codacy and BetterCodeHub
Collaboration: Slack, Discord and/or Messenger
Testing: TravisCI, Selenium and maybe Sauce Labs in the future
Security: Snyk and Codacy
Tasks/Project management: Trello, Glo and Github projects


Git, LDK (Linux-Docker-Kubernetes), GitLab, GitLab, GitLab, Nextcloud, Jest, GitLab - 100% FLOSS, and it's all well integrated!

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