Any detailed .csv about countries ?

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Hi everyone !

For a school project, I need to extract several data about countries from a .csv file such as the name, population, surface, etc.

After some researches I found this: but it's not free and all I didn't found a file as complete as this one on SO or GitHub (or anything else)

Does anyone know a good resource in which I could find all of these ? I don't mind using an API and building my own .csv or any other solution !

Thank you very much, have a wonderful day !

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In case you need more, maybe you can have a look at this repository.

Generally, I search β€œgithub awesome [something]” (github awesome countries, github awesome lists…) when I look for this kind of data.


Thank you, I'll think about searching like that if I need more data ! :)


Hey, there are a few main sources for these kind of things:

Google data set search that searches in all of them

Also I'm sure you can find an Wikipedia article with a table, copy and paste in an Excel and save as CSV.


Thank you so much ! I don't know I didn't manage to find those resources ..

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