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Discussion on: Setting a remote workspace without much space or money

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Patrick Charles-Lundaahl

I don't work full remote, but I do work from home quite often. The things that help me the most:

Make sure your workstation supports good posture. Back pain sucks, and it will creep up on you.

  • Don't hunch over your laptop. Get an external monitor, or a keyboard and mouse.
  • Research it up front! Proper monitor and keyboard height are huge.
  • Desks with adjustable height can help a lot. Alternatively, a keyboard tray can help you get your keyboard at the right level.
  • Don't skimp on your chair (assuming you sit)! You'll be spending 8 hours a day in it.

This is a big one for me. I find staying positive when I'm in the same environment day-in day-out can be a real challenge.

  • Keep your space clean! I spend a bit of time cleaning at the end of each day, so that I can start each day fresh.
  • Lighting can help a ton. It's also nice to get some decent illumination for video calls, so it doesn't look like you're sitting in a dungeon.
  • Try to separate your work and off-times. It can be hard to leave work stuff at work when it's also your home. Using a different computer (or at least a different account) for work can help. Also, having some sort of ritual, like work lighting and personal lighting to set the mood.

I hope these help! They're the big ones for me. Good luck, and congrats in the new gig!