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Scrum has helped us keep distractions at bay because the ceremonies have specific agendas. That is a huge benefit that enables innovation. The teams start to feel comfortable with the consistency and can better plan or execute, which is where Scrum really shines IMO.

Our development and design teams use scrum but they don't both use agile. The design team follows an agile approach to projects, they iterate over a design strategy until it reaches a comfortable MVP state with the stakeholder. Following that, they work to get it out there to the website and enhancements after that are data driven changes. Our development team is given full requirements about 95% of the time, which is waterfall.

Projects for us include global theme experiences, page redesigns/experiences, or at the smallest size, component experiences. If you have designers that produce explicit designs, then it's difficult to have your developers follow agile with regards to their coding. They may be able to follow agile in terms of engagement with other teams though. (e.g individuals over process)

Overall, I like both scrum and waterfall, but scrum is awesome at what is designed for which is to empower individuals and teams for getting things done.

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