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I think Ruby is a great beginner language for so many reasons. There are so many great tutorials and courses out there. And from my experience the community is really welcoming.

To me it also made that first jump into writing my first small programs a lot more approachable. Ruby reads like english sometimes (with good variable naming 😉), and is quite forgiving for beginners. While the forgiving nature can lead to bugs, and some lack of understanding around some of the deeper concepts, I think the trade off in approachability is worth it for beginners. Especially people who may be switching careers and may be daunted by some more complicated looking languages

Disclaimer: I started with Ruby and work primarily with Ruby so may be a bit biased 😉


I like Ruby. My concern is that it locks mind in OOP-paradigm, it takes some time to recognize there are other approaches. On the other hand, I guess any language will lock you in one or another paradigm

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