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Discussion on: Special Announcement From the DEV Founders

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I've watched free services crop up and realize that they would eventually die without some sort of monetization. Pushbullet comes to mind; Medium also. There seems to be this willingness to remove aspects of services from the free tier to paid. Users get angry and leave; the userbase diminishes. Ad infinitum.

DEV is the exception. Its founders show self-awareness that seems oddly lacking among other services, whether they're competitors or not. Developers are users, too; it should be pretty plain that throwing users under the bus, so to speak, is always a bad idea. The DEV team has never lost sight of that. ❤️

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Ben Halpern Author

Well that is very kind of you.

To speak to some things that help us be just a bit different, although we're fallible just like everybody else.

  • Me, @jess , and @peter are genuinely three very different people. We role in different crowds and sort of care about different things outside of work. All three of us really have a tendency to strive for justice one way or another, but are different enough to eyeball blind spots.
  • We're definitely outsiders in a way, with just enough insider knowledge. We're not based in Silicon Valley and we're not really software industry schmoozers. We sort of do our own thing.
  • We came around at a good time in terms of a lot of other people caring about genuinely doing right by our users, and especially those most vulnerable. Hard to say if that would have mattered as much ten years ago. If it didn't matter to the community it's hard to say it could matter quite so much to us.
  • This whole thing gained traction as a side project before we made it into a business. With a lot of time to make some solid enduring choices before there was as much pressure, we laid a really solid foundation.
  • We lucked out with some incredibly committed and principled early team members like @maestromac and @andy who have been with us a long time. And that's stayed true with the rest of the folks who have since joined up. Our own team would be the first ones to object to anything that was blatantly the wrong thing to do.