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I don't understand why did they jump so quickly from 4 to 5. 4 introduced flexbox and 5 removed jquery, is that such a big deal?


Yep, pretty big deal. Many devs ditched Bootstrap because of the jQuery dependency. Furthermore, the new Utility API is a great tool that comes as a response to Tailwind CSS. I actually don't think they jumped that early, since they already got to v4.5. Also it's just Boostrap 5 alpha, there's still a long way to the stable version of Bootstrap 5.


I don't understand this bias against JQuery and I don't like the idea behind Tailwind at all, putting all the design within HTML attributes is a way to create a bloody mess in the source code.

I've been using Bootstrap with utility classes since a long time.. but only for positioning, shadows etc. The utility first CSS basically takes the heavy weight from the CSS files to the HTML templates. I believe that a balance between the two is best. I still prefer Bootstrap's hybrid OOCSS + utility classes to the all in utility classes of Tailwind. jQuery is still being used because probably every front-end developer has used it already and it's just... convenient. However, more seasoned devs prefer Vanilla JS because of performance.

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