Apples announces new 16-inch Macbook Pro

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Apple announced the new 16-inch Macbook Pro.

Per usual, their main landing page goes over the key features. The major highlights:

  • 16-inch Retina display
  • Up to 8-core processor
  • Up to 8TB SSD storage
  • Up to 64GB of memory
  • AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series graphics
  • Six-speaker sound system and studio-quality mics
  • Up to 11 hours of battery life
  • Dedicated escape key
  • Dedicated arrow buttons

What does everyone think?

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This looks like a damn fine machine, and one has to think they've solved the problems with the keyboard. It's kind of funny that they can't really reference the problems with the last keyboard because that would be admitting their mistakes.

Apple obviously charges a premium, but you just can't beat the quality of their hardware (unless they make a big mistake trying to push the envelope, like the keyboard). All that native storage should make this the device of choice for video/photo people.

The lowest storage tier is 1TB and up to 64GB of RAM 🤤


you just can't beat the quality of their hardware

Curious if anyone has a recommendation for an alternative brand that comes close. I'm in the market for a new laptop right now. After a decade+ of Linux on Thinkpads I don't think a MacBook is the top of my list, but I want something that will get me through years to come and it does seem like these machines are built to last. This 16" is surprisingly tempting, but that premium is hard to swallow when I don't even intend to use their OS primarily.


I have the 9570 as well. Overall it's a good machine. Cons - webcam on the bottom and low quality, thicker profile.

is 9570 a XPS?. I don't see that listed in the site. All XPS I see (linux versions) are up to 16GB

Go for Precision 5540(They look exactly like XPS), Doesn't have the nosecam, they have Linux versions(you can always choose that in the customize option) and up to 64GB RAM. See dell.com/en-uk/work/shop/workstati...

I have 5530, a damn fine machine and the best laptop I have ever used, the previous Gen macbooks could never compete with this, the 16 inch could I think.


Dell Precision 5530. Had 15" MacBook 2016 with Touchbar but wanted to work on Linux (which doesn't work that well on MacBooks), so I was looking for something with 4K monitor, upgradable RAM (I currently have 32GBs), CPU with at least 4 cores (this has 6 of them), something light (under 2kg) and NVME M.2 SSD disk. And to be honest, I've never been happier.


The way Apple devices sync talk to one another is really slick

Only if you have an iPhone/iPad right?
(Which pushes the total price of ownership even higher)

Maybe it's just me, but as an Android user, I never felt the need for all those iCloud things, and I'm not sure what they offer that is not covered by others.

  • There is Dropbox & cie for syncing files
  • Mozilla sync all my bookmarks
  • Google photos and lots of alternatives for photos
  • Password managers like LastPass are a thing
  • Chromebooks and Android sync pretty well everything from apps to contacts
  • dotfiles.github.io/ is amazing for setting up a new computer

System 76 Oryx Pro goes up to 64 GB.

I have a Galago, and I've been pretty happy with it.

A few small issues, and the build quality isn't on par with apple. But I have had 0 hardware issues, and the keyboard feels great (which was a huge factor for me).


You can forget that thing if you want something like linux on this device. The touchbar is not supported and you are missing all the necessary keys for linux. You can use vm but that's not really nice. Either buy this thing and use macos or buy something else to use linux...


Linux box, I'd pick the Dell XPS 13 developer edition (9380). Linus Torvalds uses one of the Dell XPS 13 laptops. (Note: I'm not a big fan of Dell. But I think they nailed this machine. And it really is superior to the other Linux laptops on the market, imo.)

Macintosh box, I'd pick the Macbook Pro 13". (Why not the new 16"? Because I've discovered that having a 16"+ laptop turns it into a desktop machine. It's just too darn big to lug around. Lighter is better.) However, I'm more apt to opt for a much lighter laptop if the development demands aren't too overwhelming. Alas, my development demands are overwhelming. A 5 gb source code base will do that.

Windows box, I loved my ancient Thinkpad A31p (800 MHz ... yeah, it was that old — 1600x1200 screen). But these days I'd pick an Asus ROG Strix Hero III 15.6". If they had a 13" instead of a 15"-ish, I'd pick that instead.


I think the premium is part hardware and part OS/ecosystem. The way Apple devices sync talk to one another is really slick, so if you're not even using the OS I think the premium is even that much more.

That makes sense, thanks for the insight. KDE Connect is covering my needs with my Android phone, and I've already solved my interconnectivity issues on my home LAN. I should probably keep looking elsewhere.

Well thinkpads are for you or any other top of the line product from companies that support linux. Librem is good if you like privacy too also the Dell Precision and XPS series machines are really good in support of linux and really good machines like Thinkpads T and X series.

Agreed - the Thinkpad T series has pulled me through this long, and it's my most likely choice next but I'd never really looked at other options lately.


You can look into the Razer Blade 15. It's a gaming laptop (without the ROG look) so likely better graphics specs than the MBP.

I tend to be more CPU than GPU bound on my laptop, but I'll definitely take a look. Thanks!


Maybe the Dell XPS are for you, especially if you're looking for 2-in-1 devices. The new Surface Books also seem very nice but do come with a hefty price tag too.

That's two for XPS, thanks. I'd also considered the surface but balked at the price tag, you think they're worth it?

I’ll tell you soon. Now that they released the 7 I picked up a 6 on 33% clearance sale. It’s an i5 with 8GB and since I’ll primarily use it as a travel device for shorter trips that should be sufficient. Also there’s decent Linux support for the 6 already.


The only hardware I've ever used that I'd put on par with a MBP is the Google Pixelbook (haven't tried the new Go yet).


Always interested to see what the repairability scores are like though.


If they really fixed the keyboard then it's time to ditch my old macbook from 2015


Been running a Clevo laptop with Linux/Windows dual boot for +-6 years now. Still works great. Cost was 1k.

You really don't need a +2k device for most development work.


I love Apple's innovations, such as adding a dedicated escape key. They're truly ahead of their time.


There is a oldie but goodie cliché in journalism, that when you announce that someone is dead, then two days later than in fact he is still alive, then you have two scoops!

It really feels the same with the Apple/Android people. They innovate twice, the first time when they break something, the second time when they fix it. Only that the second time we should be super grateful because God listened to us average people.


Wow, dedicated escape key! If only other manufacturers had that...


Apple just invented the escape key, didn't you hear?


My days of rebooting a laptop to exit a program are over!


Six-speaker sound system and studio-quality mics

Of everything listed here, I have to admit that I'm not moved by the upgraded speaker/mic whatsoever. I feel like if I'm ever in a setting where I need to have an optimized audio input/output experience, I'll opt for dedicated hardware.


What good does having six speakers even do if they're all within eighteen inches of each other?


Most likely six speakers is a fairly unimportant implementation detail, but the marketing department got ahold of it in order to claim another attribute.

I have to admit they sound fantastic. But then, MacBooks have had the best sounding laptop speakers for years.


It's nice that they have nicer microphones. But I can't see anyone propping one of these up on a stand and singing at it.


I've got a MacBook Pro 2019 earlier this year. I'm not too sure about anyone else, but I actually cannot stand my MacBook as the keyboard feels so horrendous to use that I eventually give up and go use something else.

Speaking of something else, this year I got a Surface Go and I was immediately blown away at how much I love the little thing. It eats battery life, sure, but it is for all intents and purposes this Windows PC in a form factor for casual consumption.

I want to like this new MacBook Pro, but after actually using it and reading about other people experiencing keyboard failure, I just cannot trust Apple.

Before macOS and Linux were the only two OSes that were suitable for development - and I've used Linux in the past, but I find it too cumbersome to keep using - it feels like an ongoing project than a tool that helps me make my life better. So that left macOS - but now Microsoft are doing some serious WSL improvements which looks promising.

I don't really see the need for MacBooks any more, which is actually a relief as it means I can purchase another product instead of solely relying on Apple to get it together.


Apple ditched the butterfly switches and went back to scissor switches in this new Macbook Pro (same as on their Magic Keyboard).


Doesn't matter. Apple only made one good keyboard, and that was the Apple Extended Keyboard (M0115).

On my Macbook Pro, I use a Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Chroma keyboard. Do I carry around with me when I use the laptop? Yes, yes I do. I hate the Apple keyboards that much.


I mean, I get your point, but I'm still waiting out because they sold the Macbook Pros with the butterfly mechanism for so long while saying "we've fixed it now! honest!" that I no longer trust their fancy marketing nor do I trust the average reviewer as this thing took a bit of time to happen.


Keyboard wasn't an issue for me because I just use an external keyboard.


If I have to use an external keyboard on a portable product to avoid using that product's keyboard and to get a good typing experience, I'd say that's pretty damning evidence against the product.

I tried the external keyboard route, and in the end I gave up - the whole reason why I chose the Macbook Pro over e.g. Mac Mini or iMac was the portability.

Yeah it depends what your workflow is. I bought a MacBook because it’s fast and the portability is there if I need it. Though I usually use it like a desktop because I have another external monitor hooked up to it, mouse and keyboard. I have a 2018 MacBook Pro at work and I will admit the keyboard on that model is terrible. The 2019 butterfly keyboard honestly isn’t that bad imo I kind of like it.

Just checked in About this Mac. No wonder why I despise it so much, it's a 2018 Macbook Pro. I tried playing around with the 15" 2019 Macbook Pro and oh gosh it's so much more better.


After switching full time to Linux I just can't see myself ever going back to Mac. Good to see they updated the specs but I haven't even looked at the price and I just know already it's way too expensive


Dedicated escape key

Welcome to 1974 we hope you have a nice day.


This looks like a solid machine and welcome back ESC key 😉

I’ve never had any issues with hardware with a Mac. And the machines last forever. I currently have a MacBook Air for home, but the 2010 MBP I have still runs amazing, albeit a little slower.

I’ve also found they have better resale value.

But they definitely cost a chunk of change.

Dollar Bills Y’All


Having said that, a 16" might be too big. My MBA is 13" and my work laptop is a 15" MBP. I like the 15" but some days I think it's too big. Generally, I'm on an external monitor so the larger screen isn't that much of a sell.

At my previous work, I had a 13" MBP and I was fine with that. I kind of flip flop between which is better, 13" or 15". Who knows, maybe I'll become a 16" convert.

I'll leave you with this funny Tweet from Laurie


As far as I know the device is actually still the same size as the 15". They've just managed to squeeze in that extra inch to the same body by reducing bezel sizes.


I feel like some years ago laptop performance got good enough to replace a desktop for developers, and that not many improvements after that were very relevant to me.

I use an external screen for work, which a 16" built-in is never going to beat.

They get thinner, but my mid2014 15" model is fine.

I don't need much in the way of graphics.

If I need good quality speakers and a microphone then I plug them in – built-ins are never going to be as good as that. For conference calls I use a PLT M70, for music a pair of head phones.

So I find it pretty hard to get excited about new hardware I'm afraid. Not like in the good old days when the 486 replaced the 386 – that's an upgrade I remember. 😬


So I find it pretty hard to get excited about new hardware I'm afraid. Not like in the good old days when the 486 replaced the 386 – that's an upgrade I remember. 😬

I wasn't around to see those events unfold, but watching the 8 Bit Guy talk about old computers really makes me appreciate how much of a game changer processor and RAM upgrades were.

The closest thing we've got is the Raspberry Pi, while not quite the same type of revolution, brings its own.

Damn, came here thinking I'd buy a Mac but now I want to buy a Raspberry Pi.


you just can't beat the quality of their hardware

Been a Mac owner — I've used classic Macs but never owned one — since they went Intel and I'm not sure I agree.

  • My 2006 MacBook had a failing optical drive, as did many others of that generation.
  • My 2010 MacBook had a problem with the cable connecting the display to the system board and the replacement they gave me broke too.
  • My 2013 Macbook Air's microphone stopped working for no good reason so I always needed to use external ones for calls.
  • My 2018 MBA has a butterfly keyboard so typing "A" or "T" is always an adventure.
  • My first generation Apple Watch had the battery swelling problem which made them extend the warranty to 3 years for those.

Pretty much the only devices I never had problems with were the iDevices and the first Intel-based Mac mini.

I also may suffer from an advanced case of Stockholm Syndrome.



  • Escape key
  • Good specs
  • Whatever is left of POSIX-compatibility


  • Exorbitant prices
  • Extremely large
  • Apple's continued steps towards locked-up-appliance-type computing
  • Shallowest real keyboard on a laptop (genuinely hurts my hands)
  • Build in a trackball you cowards

Escape key

😲I haven't noticed that!! That's quite interesting


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 15in Pro, but oh boy, I think 16in would just be a bit too much. In my mind, it is comparable to those very large iPads that Apple makes which I find a bit awkward. At a point, it just gets a little too big to be comfortable to lug around and becomes slightly awkward to use. Would still be curious to see one IRL though 😊


Yeah, also curious as to why they wanted to bump it up to 16 inches? It's not a standard number... Wonder if this is their way of "innovating" 🙃


Too expensive for me but i'll gladly wait for a new MacBook pro 13 with intel 10th gen cpu and a non-butterfly keyboard to replace my ubuntu laptop. For as much as i like working on Ubuntu on my laptop, I prefer MacOS, i find that it just works without too much hassle ( I use a mac mini 2019 at the office)


What does everyone think?

From my perspective: too big to carry around and for roughly the same price as the 32GB RAM model you can also get a 27" iMac with 32GB RAM, Radeon Pro Vega and 2 TB Fusion drive.


Omg too expensive for me.

In Turkey, its price is approximately 14.000 Turkish Liras.

Fortunately, developers can their projects without Mac :D

If I decided to buy this Mac, I should work for 4 months and I shouldn't spend money.


Another Apple money blackhole...

This what I think.


My own personal experience is that if I get a laptop this big, it will never leave its spot on my desk. I might as well get an iMac Pro instead.

If I have the lightest Mac laptop I can get, it has a very good chance of being carried around, or taken with me on business trips. Even though such a light laptop does not have the "big hitter" CPU for compiling code.

"Having it with me" > "powerhouse"


I'm not seeing a "sponsored by Apple inc." disclaimer anywhere, but has dev.to started doing paid ads? 🤪


Well, it's a post about product X from company Y. I don't see how it is related to coding or development by the dev.to standards (judging by the rest of the conent).
Feels misplaced, it's something fit for the likes of pcmag, gizmodo, wired...
But maybe I'm wrong, just my thoughts.

A lot of devs use MacBooks, so I don't see anything strange about that post. There are always discussions about hardware, so seeing one about MacBook is not something that feels misplaced (at least for me).

It does for me. It's just a certain machine from a certain company, like many others, nothing special or praise worthy, perhaps the opposite tbh; brand new game changing esc key charade, the kb fiasco, thermal throttling, at that price range? All that aside, it's just a box where you run the tools to get work done, and dev.to, for me, is about that work.
My thoughts :)


One of the advantages is they switched keyboard from Butterfly(new design with issues) design to scissor based design.

8TB SSD, 64GB RAM and 8GB VRAM for graphics. Best one available yet

But The max price is $6000. Anybody going to buy ??


While I appreciate the awesomeness of this machine...

I'm only thinking about that dedicated escape key 😍


Next year they will release a few more dedicated keys... 5 years from now probably a complete keyboard.


Pfft. Remap the worthless CAPSLOCK to ESCAPE, and vi your heart out.


My God, how in the world can I make sites as beautiful as Apple's landing pages for new products. Every time I think I'm good with CSS I see their content and throw my hands up haha


I look at Apple's website, and I'm awed and inspired. I look at my company's website and I'm ashamed.


500 nits of brightness

Lol, wouldn't be an apple launch without some bullshit units

Esc key

WTF! Did you guys get a load of this? pats hood this baby's got an escape key!! It's great for checks ad switching modes and views!

Checks bank account

Opens budgeting app

Sets calendar date



I've never owned a mac, always been a Windows or Linux person, but tinkered with other people's macs. While these machines look and perform great, the keyboard is the most important feature.

IMO the Lenovo X1 keyboard is a dream and it's what I use compare when looking at other machines. Hopefully Apple can eventually figure this out.


Exactly the amount which a professional would need 😄


Absolutely! None of those absurd gamer extravagances, like needing to charge the computer while accessing a USB drive, or wanting to make use of those silly "peripheral devices" (external keyboards and monitors? Don't make me laugh!)


I think this design is a step forward. I have nothing against the TouchBar, but having a physical ESC key is better, and it looks like they moved it up a little bit so is not too close to the real keys. More travel on the keys is great, as it is the inverted T for the arrow keys.
I'm not in the market for a new laptop but at least I know my next upgrade will have a better keyboard


Hope Linux will run on it without too much trouble.

I'll install Manjaro i3 as soon as I get my hands on one of these. And update my old tutorial :)



Visit the apple macBook pro 16 inch page for once (apple.com/macbook-pro-16/), scroll up and down and wait for 10sec.
I see that my Laptop CPU usage goes from 8% to 65%.
I tried to find the reason the I got that WebGL Renderer (three.js).

Poor apple Web Engineering Team

This is my System Configuration (Windows 10)


I'm going to be purchasing one of these in the new year, and I'm still flip flopping on specs.

I'm sure 32GB RAM and 1TB SDD are adequate, but my inner monologue is like "well if you're already paying thousands of dollars for this machine, max it out a bit more"

64GB sounds insane, but I plan on having this machine 4 years from now, so is it really that insane? Please help my inner monologue. 😆


way to big, 14 inch is the best laptop size, also no Linux.


I agree, 14" screen in current 13" form would be perfect.

I still see that the bezel reduction on the sides is not enough, the bezel need to be reduced further from all sides, this way we can have a bigger screen same form factor.

I never minded the BF keyboard, I got used to it and I kind of like it, I think it's the typing style, I like to tap typing instead of hand free fall typing. Esc key I want now :D, I'm a programmer and I need this, I remapped it to caps lock, but it's not the same.

One last dream, I wish if they bring back matte screen, or make it an option, fine, have nice looking shiny screen on you websites and showrooms, but let people choose matte ones if they like them.


And a shit-ton of glue!... Yay!

I wont be buying a new Macbook when my current dies.

At least not until they stop going in a direction where i cannot service it my self..



  • Dedicated escape key
  • Dedicated arrow buttons

Being a feature/highlight makes me cringe..
The other specs are cool tho.


Dedicated escape key

Is this a joke that only Mac users understand ?


The current MBP doesn't have an actual Escape key because it dynamically exists in the touch bar (a fancy touch sensitive LCD bar above the keyboard)


And still that ugly touch bar instead of regular function keys... It's so "fun" debugging with this


$6099 before tax and Apple care with the hardware maxed out.


For real though. I have a 2012 MacBook Pro and the only reason I have it in the first place was because my Dad gave it to me. It's not going to last forever...the battery is pretty much gone, 8 GB of RAM is a joke (almost as funny as being soldered to the motherboard so I can't upgrade it), and every "update" to MacOS breaks something new.

I really enjoy the operating system and they are cool computers. But the hardware markup is nuts. I can't justify that right now, or probably ever. Unless a company is buying this for me, this thing isn't in my future anytime soon. Definitely a little jealous of the people who can just throw down for one of these.


What USB ports does it have?

Does it have a headphone jack?


I got the 'new' pro like 11 months ago. Happy for others sad for myself.


The specs are great but the design does not lend itself well to proper cooling. Why buy a high end laptop that will always throttle my chip speeds because it can't keep temperatures in check?


I picked one up and after a little hiccup

the machine is pretty awesome


Well bummer, I just bought a 15" MacBook Pro...


Good, work is getting me a new machine in the new few months :)

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