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Discussion on: Hosting a Node.js application on Windows with IIS as reverse proxy

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Peter Eysermans Author

Glad it worked out for you.

Very interesting, are you using the rules and patterns to route the request to the correct node.js app based on the web address/domain name the user is requesting? I am curious how it works.

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Yea, it's works like kind of gateway proxy.

I have about 10 sites host in node.js, each of them has different name like entity identity logger, so in server they look like 'localhost:9000/entity', 'localhost:9000/identity'.

Then is the magic part, in the IIS reverse rule I added some regex expression, basically it will match the request with '/entity' or '/identity', and the match result can be used in redirect action like that: 'localhost:9000/{R:1}', so I am able to host as much as possible app in node.js, and just host a website with the specify regex expression for reverse all requests.