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I used the free version of LastPass in the past, but I have switched to 1password for a few reasons:

  1. 1password has a very nice UI and a very intuitive UX.
  2. On MacOS, 1password supports TouchID. On iOS, it supports FaceID for easy, seamless authentication
  3. 1password also supports Two-Factor (a.k.a. Multi-Factor) Authentication tokens. I used to use Authy for this, but it is really nice to have both passwords and 2FA managed by the same app.
  4. Family plan allows me to share passwords with my family securely.
  5. 1password has a CLI client, which is nice for scripts/programs that need to programmatically access passwords and 2FA tokens.

Go to the account in question > edit > click add new one-time, then you can point the camera at the qr code or type the secret manually.


My question wasn't clear enough. I was asking about point 5. the 2FA tokens in the 1password CLI


LastPass does everything in your list except the faceID (I don't know if it does that).

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