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re: Industrial techno, Psytrance, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Frenchcore !! If it's under 150BPM, it's not worth :D

Wow. Two new genres for me to try out: Industrial Techno and Frenchcore!

Thank you!


Hey ! I hope you like it ;)

Here some suggestions :

  • Frenchcore : Dr.Peacock / Sefa / Radium / The Sickest Squad / Angerfist (hardcore dj but he do some frenchcore too !)

  • Industrial techno : I just discovered this genre 2weeks ago so I don't know the big name in the scene yet ! But usually I just go to soundcloud, search for industrial techno playlist and lets roll :)

Here's a good site to find any set in any genre u want => they got everything u need ;)

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