How do you keep up with Kubernetes?

Peter Benjamin on October 22, 2018

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I am thinking to create little pod to serve news on k8s only. Found recently that I could use something like for it. Will keep ya updated. Def a good place to keep this list going! Thank you for input!


Nice list, here are my k8s videos if you want to add.

As far as how I keep up with it?
I think best resource for me is the Reddit Kubernetes


Added your YouTube channel. Thank you for your contribution!


For those looking to learn Kubernetes here are the community-curated and recommended tutorials:

@peterbenjamin: can you please have a look and give us a quick feedback? Thanks.


I have a GitHub CKA/CKAD curated resources and trying to keep it up-to-date with the help of awesome contributors.


Thanks for this list! There's also a good amount of Kubernetes videos and classes on linked learning:


Awesome. I didn't know about that. But it seems that most, if not all, these courses & videos are paid resources. My goal for this list is to aggregate & promote resources that are free/accessible by everyone.

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