What Genres Do You Listen To?

Peter Benjamin on November 21, 2018

I enjoyed reading the following article by a fellow Dev.to'er: Favourite albums to listen to while coding ... [Read Full]
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Melodic death metal anyone? Black metal?

It really depends. I am very syncretistic in my taste. My spectrum ranges from Chillout to Dubstep, from Pop to Rock and (Death-) Metal. But I too enjoy good Old School like NWA.

If somebody hacks my Spotify account he may wonder if I am a whole family instead of a single person 😂


I feel you. I’m the same way. In my Spotify account, I’ve got pop folder, rock folder, hacker folder, coding folder, acoustic/instrumental folder, yoga folder ...etc

I could keep going, but I’ll stop embarrassing myself now. 😂


Yes! Black Metal is my jam when coding, especially Funeral Mist, Behemoth, Marduk, and Spectral Wound!


I'm listening to a really wide range of music too 😄From country to blackest black metal. Depends on the mood I guess.


Industrial techno, Psytrance, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Frenchcore !!
If it's under 150BPM, it's not worth :D


Hardstyle gets me in the zone and helps me concentrating ;)


Wow. Two new genres for me to try out: Industrial Techno and Frenchcore!

Thank you!


Hey ! I hope you like it ;)

Here some suggestions :

  • Frenchcore : Dr.Peacock / Sefa / Radium / The Sickest Squad / Angerfist (hardcore dj but he do some frenchcore too !)

  • Industrial techno : I just discovered this genre 2weeks ago so I don't know the big name in the scene yet ! But usually I just go to soundcloud, search for industrial techno playlist and lets roll :)

Here's a good site to find any set in any genre u want => lsdb.eu/ they got everything u need ;)


No matter if I work, rest or anything else, I generally listen to classical, rock or metal, with my favourite groups being

  • Foo fighters
  • A perfect Circle, Tool
  • Within temptation, Eluveitie
  • Scorpions (Scorpions Und Die Berliner Phi, for the album Moment of Glory)
  • Pretty Maids
  • Dream Theater
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra, Dog fashion Disco

I listen to dream theater and Diablo Swing Orchestra too.


I listen to a wide variety of music although I tend to avoid most manufactured pop and dance tunes. A lot of the music I listen to will tend to be strongly guitar oriented in some way since I play guitar. Another preference is toward more raw and rootsy music, like country blues and punk, rather than slickly produced songs.


I don't listen music when I work.
When I'm OoO, I listen to classic rock, pop, electro, hardtek & hardcore.


Yes, it is.
And I need to talk with my colleagues very often.

Ah, yes, this reminded me of when I worked in a completely open floor plan with 20+ other engineers (because collaboration!) and some music would be playing on external speakers. Some engineers put on headphones (without music necessarily - just to cancel noise), which had the reverse effect on collaboration. It was the most unhealthy environment I've been in.

I totally see your point!

I don't work in an open space (I couldn't). We're only 3 in my office, but we need to talk very often with my team mates, and not only about work :)


I prefer rock and metal (the Beatles, Dio, Guns 'n Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc), but very often I listen a mix of a lot of genres (pop ballads, rap, hip-hop, techno, bachata, salsa, etc).

Sometimes, I like to listen to totally new genres (for me at least), and for that I check out this page: Every Noise at Once. It's an incredible work of data analysis where you can listen to practically every genre of music.

There I've discovered genres like ambient trance, fallen angel and new tribe. It's pretty interesting, check it out! 😁


Wow. That’s awesome. Definitely bookmarking that!


When I'm doing something that needs great focus I usually listen to a song I know on repeat. The genre is either rap or classic rock or anything else I just like. I let my discovery services help guide me. Recently it was songs off of Jay Z's Blueprint 2 over and over and over.

I guess that's my "hacking" mode. In code mode, I sort of listen to whatever, and it's usually a bit chiller.

I totally am with you on podcasts for chores. A lot of work doesn't actually need that much brain power and I definitely don't mind having people chatting it up in my ears while I work.


Basically Tech-House, UK Garage, Shallow/Getto/Bass House, and little bit Techno, Acid 303, 808 909, Jungle Terror, Tribal & Percussions, Futuristic.

Not That Boring List:

Something Else


Lately, I've discovered that in order to give a better performance while writing code or thinking for problem solutions music is really distracting so I rather not listening during that time. But I will definitely listen to a lot of this playlist later.


It depends on what I'm doing. If I am deep in thought, or in the flow, or generally just getting a lot of work done I look up mixes of Trance / Progressive House / PsyTrance etc. Some of my favourite YouTube channels for this are:

If I'm researching, doing admin work or generally testing new concepts, I generally go to Deezer and listen to my Flow, which is a selection of favourited songs and songs the Deezer thinks are similar. I have found several new artists like this.


black metal like Taake, Limbonic Art, early Burzum when i dont want to be too distracted.
more melodic black metal like Vintersorg, Emperor, Solefald, Falkenbach, Cor Scorpii when I feel i can follow more the tunes.
if doing coding chores I can go hard with Anaal Nathrak, Obscura, Beyond Creation
if i feel groovy then stuff like Clutch, Kvelertak
but it´s not always only metal. sometimes the office is noisy, and I want to be isolated but not with too much noise in my head and then i put on some synth ambient techno stuff like Ogre Sound, VHS Glitch, Electric Universe..


Grindcore, Death metal, Black metal, thrash metal, powerviolence, crust punk, discore (Confuse, Gai, etc.), harsh noise, & experimental. And some folk and small amounts of jazz and 70's synth.

  • Russian hardbass
  • Movies & games soundtracks
  • Multiple styles of hard rock & heavy/melodic/death/power metal

Rock, rock, and then, more rock.

  1. Radiohead
  2. A perfect circle
  3. Deftones
  4. RATM/Audioslave.

And when I'm feeling lazy.

  1. Pantera.
  2. Sepultura.
  3. Slipknot

Lo-fi hip hop, for me the best to focus on my work without distractions!


Wow. A lot of great resources to listen while doing the great work.


Pop Rap (Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator, A$AP Rocky), or R&B (GoldLink, Rejjie Snow, Smino), whichever I feel like.


Snarky Puppy. Plini. Dream Theater. Drum solos. Instrumental tracks. My own music.

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