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Discussion on: Linux, the right choice?

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For me my base system is always windows. I do use Linux for a lot of my development. Generally I will SSH into my Linux box and forward x11 or just work right from the ssh command line. Windows though offers driver support and mission critical applications that are not available on Linux. In general Linux works well for terminal environments, but still is lacking in GUI. This is coming from a 20-year software veteran that has seen everything. Consider embedded development. Generally you would develop your code in Keil or some other IDE in Windows and deploy the code to your device. Linux just does not have the tooling necessary for the development of many industry standard applications. Nor does it have a lot of the compilers that are necessary. It is fine for open source projects, but in industry there are still many things that Linux cannot do. That being said I love Linux and I do use it everyday. Generally though my main system is Windows and I will SSH into a Linux box as needed.