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re: Would love some feedback! Thanks in advance! Harner Designs One thing I've always struggled with is, because it's just me, should the v...

Jack -

Mojave/Safari 12, the images in Recent Clients are all missing. I even tried reloading without my content blocker. Oddly no errors in console I could see, but might double check it's not just me. They load fine in Chrome however.

As for the voice, I'd suggest thinking about how you want yourself to be viewed by others. Are you a one man show or are you a giant company? How do you want to be seen? Is it worse for me to think you're a giant company and find out it's just you in a WeWork space? Is it better for me to know you're solo, but awesome, and that I'm getting your full attention? Both have pros and cons. My advice is to think about how you want to be seen, what questions clients will ask (ie. "what happens if you go on vacation?") and then decide and be consistent.

IMHO I'm not a fan of pretend to be a giant company when you're just one guy. But that's just me and I could be totally wrong :)

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