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Philipp Hansch
Philipp Hansch

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Accepting sponsorship

I have just set up a sponsorship profile on GitHub 🎉

The past two years I have been working on Clippy in my free time, sometimesbefore and sometimes after my full-time programming job. To date I havecontributed over 200 pull requests to Clippy, Rust and other Rust relatedprojects. If you feel like my work is worth supporting, you now have the optionto do so!

Some of my past contribution highlights include:

At the time of this writing, I’m working on:

You can always check what I’m currently working on, in this GitHub project.

What about rewards?

I’ve set the bar for rewards high. I only have limited time every day to work onopen source and want to spend that time on the Rust things I’m passionate about.This makes sure I’m motivated for the tasks I choose to work on.

To keep my work sustainable, I make one commitment for now: I willpost monthly reviews publicly here on the blog. These reviews will include:

  • A special shout-out to new sponsors (unless you don’t want to bementioned)
  • Review of what I’ve worked on during the past month
  • Goals for the next month
  • Reflections on my work, productivity and motivation for the past month
  • As I’m freeing up more time to work on open-source based on sponsorships,there will be more things coming in the future, for sure

Support my work via GitHub

If you have any questions or feedback, I’m happy to talk on Twitter or inprivate at

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