Discussion on: Have you ever struggled with imposter syndrome? 👽

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Matthieu Cneude

After some years in the field, here's my thinking:

  1. There is always somebody better than me.
  2. I'll always have problems I have difficulties to solve.
  3. I'll feel an imposter because I can't solve all my problems.
  4. I'll feel in imposter because the other person is better than me.

The conclusion: everybody, at every level, even among the best of the best, will have this feeling that we shouldn't be here. That we shouldn't do what we do. That's normal, and when you fully realize that, you can begin to create some tactics to go around it:

  1. When the imposter syndrome begins to arise, think about your past self. You're better now, and that's all that matter.
  2. Difficulties and challenges will teach you a lot. See the learning you'll get from it, not the failures you're living now.

It's difficult. You need to work on that as often as you can. When your mind wander into comparisons and judgment on yourself, remember the advice above.