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Discussion on: Vim won't make you a more productive developer

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Matthieu Cneude • Edited

About productivity:

  1. Vim does not have to be a sink of time. Configuring plugin is easy most of the time. What take time is configuring it for your needs. Let think about it: if you configure it because you are annoyed to not be able to achieve some tasks, it means that you configure it to gain time.

  2. Every time I install vim on a new computer I just clone my dotfiles from Github and I have everything configured. I used PHPStorm before (good old bloated IDE) and it was a pain when I was reinstalling my system or even upgrade the damn thing.

  3. Nobody knows how to measure the productivity difference between somebody using Vim or an IDE. Going in one sens or another is useless to me without real data anyway.

At the end, Vim is fun. That's why I use it ; to me it gamifiy coding itself. This is the most important to me.

And you know what? I'm more productive if I have fun.

For those interested to know how and why used Vim instead of an IDE (in that case PHPStorm), I wrote a blog article about it:

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