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Discussion on: Feeling out of place

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Matthieu Cneude

It's definitely okay not spending all your free time programming. Funny enough, I began to code on my free time when I stopped feeling bad because I didn't code on my free time.

Now, going into programming only for the money is a bit strange to me. People can do it, of course, I won't judge them. What I know is: I don't want to do a job 8 hours a day only for money. I need to enjoy it, at least a minimum. My time is more important than money. We all need enough to live correctly, of course, but after that I don't really care anymore.

Every developer has the impostor syndrome. Every single one. You're not alone. Do your best, learn from your failures, and be proud of what you've become.

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Damien Breaux Author

I agree with you comment about the money, I couldn't do a job I hated even it it paid A LOT, I use it as an example because I think there are a decent amount of people that look in at this industry and see the large salaries that individuals are getting in places like San Fransisco and New York. So for those people I think its a motivating factor. (those individuals do need to understand it takes a lot of time and effort tho to get said job but anyway)

Thanks for stopping in!