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Excellent post Chris - some genuine LOL lines, especially this one:

...most businesses (especially the bigger ones) seem about three seconds and a passive-aggressive sticky note in the office kitchen away from an all out blood bath.

Most large businesses have a reluctance to change or only implement change when a major IT failure forces them to evaluate their current practices. Change is risky, costs money and nobody ever got fired for keeping things as they are. Corporate inertia is a terrible hurdle to overcome.

I've been in places where a Remedy Form for requesting a server outage is 7 pages long and takes 12 iterations before it's accepted. I've been in places where IT support is out-sourced and someone signed off on a 2 week SLA for changing a firewall configuration. Everyone hates those processes and for good reason.

As Patrick has said "collaboration is hard". I think the rise in automation (CI/CD, Chat Bots etc) can go some way to easing the burden of such collaboration. But automation can only go so far - if the process sucks, all the automation and collaboration in the world is not going to magically deliver improvement.

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