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re: So is going to charge attendees in future - what's next for event organizers? VIEW POST

re: As an event organizer myself, I have started looking around at my alternative options. I have compiled them into a github repo ...

As the main developer of Agorakit, I'm really happy to see that you included it on the list.

My initial battle plan was (and still is) to create mix of basecamp and meetup. We already have plenty of features for groups that wants to organize (calendar with event you can attend to, discussions, files, map of members, notifications).

I'd love to enhance the meetup-clone part of the project since it is also very important for the initial use case (citizen groups). For instance I'm working on email/sms notifications for attendees. This feature will soon land on master.

Feedback is highly welcome.

Help even more, if Laravel is your thing, I'm comited to help anyone, especially junior laravel devs who want to level up their skills.

Our (currently small but friendly) community of devs is there waiting for you :

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