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Mår Ekkertsen
Mår Ekkertsen

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Moving On

I have done it before and I’ll do it again, leave one job for another.

Still; I was U.S. Army trained and I take on the mission of the organization. I identify with it and make it my own. My leaders and colleagues get candid feedback; then, when the decision is made, I march on to the objective.

  • The mission on Premera Blue Cross still resonates,
  • The mission of Washington Dental Service still resonates,
  • The mission of The Walt Disney Company and ESPN still resonates, and
  • The mission of Nordstrom will continue to resonate within me, as

I complete my final week, wrap up the handover of the things I created, and explain the incomplete execution and compromised creations that twenty-first century business timelines impose upon us all.

My best wishes to my colleagues I leave behind, to the leaders that navigate to difficult compromises and competing values, and to our customers, toward whom each effective Nordstrom employee is focused.

Soon I leave. Thank you all who met me along the way.

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