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As someone who has been going through a burnout and trying to get out of it, this sounds a quite similar. Though I do think you've also caught yourself in a dark place because of it.

I am always up for helping the team, and I spend a chunk of most days doing that. I give them ideas and help them get past technical obstacles and keep the vision for what we are doing fresh in their minds.

Don't underestimate how much value this brings to a team, writing code isn't just about writing code. A mentor is an amazing contribution.

I go home with the frustration of not achieving "a job well done". When I wake up the next day, I know the same fate awaits me.

I've definitely had this before when being stuck on something for too long and not asking for help. In your case I know it's not a code problem you're having so it's a little more complicated getting help.

Burnout at home and work is rough. Whenever I feel like I'm getting to that, try to keep a balance. If you're feeling burnout at work, try to focus on any hobbies or fun pass times while you're not at work. I've found that overtime I start to gain more drive at work, and I'll start to miss working on side projects.

Hope you can find what works for you to get back out!

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