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Discussion on: facing depression as a beginner in software development

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Phil Tietjen

These are some great points that I also try to recommend to anyone starting out!

I cannot stress #2 more though. I struggled with that one personally when I started, I had this strange expectation on myself that if I wrote down notes and watched something I should just know it. What instead worked for me was not taking notes and repetition of working with the language or framework I was learning with some prior research into the documentation.

If I could add to #2 in anyway, it would be to go through the documentation before scouring courses or YouTube tutorials. Find out what, how, and why you're using it and maybe check out the API to get a grasp on what kind of patterns and syntax to expect.

Great first post and welcome to DEV! :D

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codeuiandy Author

Am happy I was able to put those together, I will be making a youtube channel soon and I need support from the community