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I'm not sure if this is the worst I've dealt with but it's up there and is first on the mind.

At a previous job, I was leading the development of an e-commerce website (I really shouldn't have been but that's a different story, but it does add to the CSS issue) so we had a regular contractor to focus on the designs and styling of our pages as they were specialized.

We were using bootstrap 4, which they were actually quite happy we were. For a while throughout the development, I noticed a lot of pages weren't responsive; which was quite surprising considering bootstrap's rows and columns can do a lot of the heavy lifting towards responsive layouts, but it was known that they were "working on it".

Days before launch some of the major pages still weren't responsive which was making me tense, so I decided to take a look and I had found that they had created their very own column classes using CSS Grid that didn't account for different screen sizes!

I wish I still had the CSS to show snippets off, but the worst part about this CSS to me was just making worse copies of classes already given to us by a framework.

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