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For me, the 2nd one, but only just, because it drops the soft skills that demonstrate roundedness, empathy and other stuff that matter in a team.
I wonder if anyone has tried a rose diagram to show skills/experience (possibly based on SFIA framework)? This would make it super accessible at a glance.


Thanks for your feedback, Phil. So you prefer the second one because there are no soft skills section in it?

I have never tried the rose diagram, but I've seen it. It looks nice for sure. Do you think it adds a lot of value?


Oops - misunderstood in the written word (again!), I just prefer the 2nd one, despite that fact it omits the soft skills - I think they are really important!

I have never seen a skills rose diagram in a CV, I thought it might be fun to try and create one to create impact.

Thanks for the clarification, it's clear now!

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