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First, welcome! This is a brave entry to a public forum :)

I note that most comments here are from a consumer viewpoint, with much use of us/them separating two groups, those who provide the tools and those who use them. In a closed source world this is clearly true, however in the open source world you are free to remove that boundary. This is the critical feature of Linux and other open source tools for me, when things inevitably break I remain in control, I can debug, report issues, sometimes fix and send a PR.

I also find there is a mindset / ethos difference in the communities around Windows and other commercial software, and open source, one works towards the money, the other towards happy people and excellence in engineering. This is why we have one way of working with Windows, the Microsoft way, but many distributions of Linux, some focused on reliability, some on new features. Personally I choose Debian for my daily driver, working with .NET codebases, deploying to AWS and Azure, other team members use Windows and WSL. Each to their own.

I agree with another comment that Windows attempts jack of all trades, and often suffers as a result.

I am very glad to see Microsoft finally getting the open source thing, and note that they are doing their best to help people off of Windows, it's not where the money is now, that's in azure, running an awful lot of Linux :)

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