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Phil Ashby

It may be too intensive, but maybe some form of buddying/mentoring system for authors (peer article writing anyone?) to help with the syntactical parts (grammar, formatting, etc) and the tagging and subsequent filtering, even perhaps content writing advice.. a #needhelp tag? Do we have a tag for #contentwriting advice too - "how to write a good article" exists I'm sure!

This lifts those who want to do better, but doesn't address the intentional junk though, for which I hope the trusted member ability to push back a little will reduce their impact sufficiently that spammers go elsewhere - the joy of being a popular platform!

It's a perennial problem in scientific journals too, trying to balance the effect of 'quality checking' / peer review that results in following the 'authority' biases (and creates echo chambers) against openness, that can result in junk papers being published with 'journalistic authority'.