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Discussion on: Passkb: how to reliably and securely bypass password paste blocking

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Phil Ashby

This is nice :) It would be nicer if both browsers and password managers had common APIs for integrating such tooling, to avoid the human-in-the-loop problem that phishing sites exploit! We are almost there in multiple ways with webauthn in the browser, environment APIs like ssh-agent / keychain / gnome-keyring to hold credentials but only for SSH... close but no cigar :(

FWIW I use KeePassXC which has an auto-type feature that performs a very similar function to passkb, so personally I don't need an integration like this (KeePassXC also has a browser plug-in for FF and Chrome that takes this human out of the loop for getting phished)

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Ignat Korchagin Author

If browsers recognise the fact that blocking password paste is bad, they could just implement a shortcut, similar to Ctrl+v/Cmd+v, which would type text from clipboard (or even inject it directly into DOM). I would just rather have this functionality in the core browser rather than some extension for the reasons described in the article.