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Discussion on: Protect your data with WarShield

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Phil Ashby

Read the code, nice job @quantumsheep :)

I have used both aescrypt and gpg in the past, since these are usually available as standard packages in my target Linux distribution, however both have shortcomings: aescrypt is pretty raw with no output packaging format, so you have to store all the metadata elsewhere; gpg likes to manage your keys for you, which can be problematic when running in restricted environments (eg: without a home folder).

An excellent guide to using gpg or OpenSSL for command line crypto:
also demonstrates how fiddly it can be to use these raw tools.

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Nathanael Demacon Author


GPG use CAST-128 which is less powerful than AES. However OpenSSL is powerful as it use AES.

OpenSSL can be a very great choice to encrypt files like WarShield do. Thanks for the link 😊