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Discussion on: The Cloud Is the New OS - A Developer's Perspective

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Phil Ashby

TIL about OCCI - thanks Daniel :)

This looks to be heading in the right direction, along with commercial competition from the likes of Terraform, to providing a common cloud infrastructure API, with aspirations to move 'up the stack' and manage PaaS and SaaS, maybe FaaS deployment - good!

I'm also interested in the ongoing process of decoupling and standardizing the API used by that all important business logic: we've gone from libc + targeted binaries, via virtual machine APIs (JVM, CLR) and interpreted/JIT (Python, Ruby, ECMAscript), into containers (Docker, Solaris Containers, OpenVZ, BSD jail, ...), and Serverless/FaaS (AWS Lambda, Azure FaaS, Google Functions, Cloudflare Workers) where we can finally stop thinking about machines and OSes. Right now there are significant API differences across vendors (they need their lock in!) but I'm hoping this will resolve into a portable Serverless API. Early adopters can choose their vendor or use abstraction layers such as although this provides a low common denominator ATM.