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Discussion on: Basics of multithreading in C

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Phil Ashby

Thanks Nathanael! Nice starter article on pthreads :)

For the curious, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have this article with more background and examples of why you might use the various features available in pthreads:

It's also a good idea to make sure you are using thread-safe library functions, here's a nice SO question and answer:

Enjoy your full control of the CPU!

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Nathanael Demacon Author

Glab that you enjoyed it!

I'm starting to understand a lot about pure Computer Science since I got some courses about the theory of operating systems. It's so fascinating to learn how things really works beyond the compilers and why things are like that in programming languages!

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Akshay Hiremath

Can you suggest that courses pls.

Thread Thread
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Nathanael Demacon Author

For the theory of operating systems, I see this subject at my school (engineering school), but for programming languages I heard that Engineering a Compiler is very great when starting in this domain.

The Dragon Book is very good but much more advanced.