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Yay! +1 for 'quality attributes over NFRs' - are we allowed to submit PRs to the agile manifesto?

I really like the quality attributes web, my OCD self would also like '-bility' words for performance and security though - suggestions? ;) A previous CTO where I work used to use the term 'all the ilities' when talking about quality attributes, and this is very obvious here.

Something I wanted to contribute when thinking about quality workshops: identifying the stakeholders who can own quality attributes and giving them a voice early in the design cycle, typically these are [paying] customers, operational teams (this might be the dev squad in some models), business process owners (you need to get paid right?) and product owners.

This recent Thoughtworks blog on fitness functions also seems relevant: thoughtworks.com/insights/blog/fit...


How about "non-hackability" and "performability"? :D

Thank you so much for your comment and sharing the other blog post. Added to my reading list immediately!

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