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Discussion on: First experiences with Large Scaled Scrum

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Phil Ashby

Thanks for writing up what it's like to change workflow, this is a topic that is often missed, and please do write your follow up article when you've been in the team for a while, I would be really interested to know how the team are addressing the issues you have astutely identified (such as missing technical leadership).

I'm curious as to where your team's 'tasks' originate, what measures the team use to track progress / direction: better or worse, and for whom? Are there many other teams, do you need to interact / synchronise with them and how does this operate? So many questions :)

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Marcell Lipp Author


New tasks are adddd to the backlog by any team or by area product owner who is getting the direction from the main product owner.
Regarding tracking our case is a bit special, because we are working as an external company, payed after closed task. In classical LeSS they shouldn‘t be strictly tracked, in our case our program manager is checking the status in the end of the sprint.

Communication is needed with other teams, it‘s usualy done by using chat tools and in ad-hoc personal meetings.