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Discussion on: Actor model vs Microservices

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Phil Ashby • Edited

I found the linked slides from Rotem Hermon enlightening:

and I knew I'd seen something similar before, it was Microsoft's Orleans:

In essence: the Actor Model (a mathematical concept from 1973) can be implemented as a set of services (micro, nano, chose your buzzword!), and that's what Orleans does to provide an opinionated, scaleable platform for developing parallel applications without all the inherent risks of rolling your own distributed architecture.

Other opinionated platforms that are similar: Map/Reduce, Apache Spark, AWS Lambda, all of which isolate/protect the developer from the details of distributing and scaling their code by placing some constraints on it (typically requiring stateless operation between instances).

The Actor Model can also be implemented in a non-distributed single application, allowing it to operate effectively on a multi-core processor without the inherent risks of writing your own multi-threaded software.

Some languages were designed to embody the Actor Model:

hope this helps!

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