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Discussion on: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Microservices

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Phil Ashby

This sounds like the 'scaled monolith' pattern, with the code/logic to handle any events available but not always used (configuration applies constraints) across a compute platform? The challenge (as expressed by @sarafian ) is in disciplined deployment and operational expertise, promoting configuration and config management (CMDB) to a first class citizen of the ecosystem (as it should be!).

Udi Dahan (course linked from my earlier comment), and others suggest that SOA (and by extension microservices) allow focused solutions to business problems to be created directly in custom code, rather than attempting to predict the future and develop a configuration-driven 'toolbox of capabilities' that makes others (typically consultants - see SAP!) responsible for understanding and solving business problems. I guess it depends what you are selling - the toolbox or the business outcomes ;)

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Alex Sarafian

Thank you Phil (@phlash909 ). I personally find this aspect the most under considered in any topic in IT and only Fowler is one of the few people actually discussing it as part of the "solution". And the most funny thing is that these questions are primarily for the business people (set the business goals) and they refuse to engage and just consider it a technical "solution". But no solution exists to an undefined problem and therefore undefined expectations.